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author: zacks,
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725 Juniper Ln.
Lafayette, CA 94549
July 3, 2013

God Almighty, Created Executed Omniscient
The Pearly Gates
Heaven, District Cloud 77777

Dear God:

Please accept my application for the Part Time Prophetship listed with the Faith Development Cohort at San Diego State University. I am currently a senior at San Diego State University with a major in Psychology and I am a World Religions and Exploring The Bible scholar.

Over the past twenty-one and a half years I have spent every second of my life in critical thought while simultaneously having a very open mind; all at the same time, consistently brought back to ask the same line, “Why was I not born a believer… someone who Bill Maher would consider a non-thinker, who huffed ether; put into the sea that see… that all saw (ME) as flipped, but never as (WE): my own minority but never judged by HE? “I am Me” youngly responding to the mirror asking ‘Who are thee?” I was born and told to always ask why? Not to the sky but to each and everyone I saw as physical and literal, material I saw as non-bull-shit-able; never metaphysical: like being both cause and effect: as shown possible through a Quantum Mechanical Data Analytical published in 2012, the team; (Oreshkov, Costa1 & Brukner.): the Three Wise Men that can see, something invisible to me, but an article of proof, this is no spoof, they understand it’s scripture, no one can see a clearer picture. If I were to look upon, the Holy Quran, I would see, others’ known truth in front of me, seen similar now: science somehow. This is what I see; I know that I’m me. This is all that I can prove, but only if you… Yes… if you decide too, put faith in me you must, this is more than just trust, it’s what makes us us: mutually we agree to accept a seemingly false-reality, then we shall both see, me, respectfully so, through our perspectival occipital lobe.

I am available if you would like to take the effort to call me up, leave me a detailed message and the possibility of me returning your call, is almost unlikely, if at all.

I look forward to hearing from you.