"bike seat": {

author: miked,
date: ,

after a series of regrettable choices,
hastily made down single track,
i was ejected from the moistness,
the warm confines of your musty crack.

as i lay here in this bush,
vision unobstructed by your tush,
i can see for the very first time,
i am acutely aware of the slime,
the slurry of fluids and farts,
that i’ve lived my whole life in, in the dark.

through highs and lows, rain and shine,
over gravel, smooth granite, and chossy lime,
climbs in high desert, through forests of pine,
my support for you was resolute. steadfast.
in return, you lodged me far up your ass.
i hope they cover you in one giant cast.

i might feel differently if you were a dime,
but i’ve heard you say a million times,
“i’ll just shower after the ride”

and each time, my heart breaks,
before my body and soul are crushed.

so as you lay next to me and twitch,
take a moment to reflect on this:
you treated me like shit and karma’s a bitch.

you sought a thrill.
you took a spill.
you dismounted downhill.
you nasty, ungrateful, face sitter.